My Top Ten Podcasts Spooky, Weird and Funny   I got into listening to podcasts about 10 years ago. I had no idea these were free. I couldn’t sleep at night so I use to listen to Hancocks half hour, round the Horne and Navy lark to help me sleep. These are my ten favourite with number 1 being my absolute adored at this moment in time. I wish I could list more but maybe if you would like to hear about my favourite comedy podcasts I will list them in the future. The following are a mixture of paranormal, crime, investigations, cults etc and some podcasts have some humour mixed in. I would love to hear your thoughts or your favourite podcasts. Looking through my list I have to say number 6 and 10 are my all time treasures.  



Number 10 Jim Harold’s Campfire   

Jim Harold’s campfire was one of the first I listened to and he started his podcast in 2009, I couldn’t wait for each week to come round to listen. It is called campfire because he gives the impression we are sitting around a campfire telling scary stories. He interviews listeners and they tell their paranormal events that have happened to them in their lives. These are true stories from shadow people, Ouija boards, aliens, Bigfoot, ghosts and just about anything you can imagine. The link below is to some of his best podcasts       

Number 9 Sasquatch Chronicles

I go through phases with this one, I usually end up binge listening. I love hearing about encounters with Bigfoot and some of them are really frightening, I do like it when they’ve recorded Bigfoot chattering. I don’t think I believe in Bigfoot but this is fascinating as there are so many people who believe and have meetings, go searching, the best are the ones when a person accidentally bumps into one. Link below of some of the best episodes  

Number 8 Tales of Mystery Unexplained 

This lady Steph Young has such a beautiful and calming voice that makes for easy listening but her stories are very creepy. Not only does she recount bizarre cases investigated by the police she goes one step further trying to solve cryptic puzzles and other unsolved and unexplainable cases. I just realised she is also an author so I am about to go out and get her latest. This is a podcast that I do pay a Patreon membership because I do enjoy her style and unique subjects Link below to my all time favourite episode     


Number 7 The Box of Oddities 

How can story telling be macabre yet funny at the same time, this husband and wife team have got this done to a fine art. Each week they take it in turns to tell true weird, gross and creepy stories. Then they have a bit in the middle which is just a top 5 weird of collections. Fabulous 40 min to 50 min ear heaven Link below            

Number 6 Clinton Baptiste’s Paranormal Podcast This would be one of my number 1 entries but it’s not regular enough there are two seasons and a Christmas special which I will link for you. Make sure no children are in the room. This is like a little sitcom of the most rubbish 

 in the world, he has now been kicked out of the paranormal society which was his step in the door for certain investigations. It is a spoof lots of swearing, innuendos and brilliant so funny           

Number 5 RedHanded 

If you love true crime then you will be impressed with these two ladies. Their podcasts are ablaze with information and facts. They give you all the information pull it apart and leave you wondering. By the way their voices are very easy to listen too Link for favourites below         

Number 4 Realm of the supernatural 

I have completely plagiarised their intro as they have explained exactly what I want to say   This is a paranormal podcast in which we deal with the subjects of UFO's, cryptozoology, mysteries, conspiracies & more, but you wont just hear the stories, oh no! Hosts Solway & Finchy will also give you our opinions, the good the bad & the ugly, mixed in with some good old fashioned speculation & humour I will link podcast below          

Number 3 The Confessionals podcast 

This is another one I have a Patreon account with because this is really strange, people being possessed, high strangeness and all with a dash of cyptids... give it a go  Link below         

Number 2 Strange Familiars 

Have you heard of shadow people, the hatman, slender man ... I think the answer is yes but have you heard of the “flannel man” omg I have just discovered this podcast and these flannel man stories are freaky and frightening, there are so many people that have seen this man, these are my favourite episodes of his ...I will link one of his flannel man stories   

NUMBER 1 the best ever I’ve listened to ever episode it’s a gem and it’s called “Oh No Ross and Carrie”    

Copied directly from their “about us”   Welcome to Oh No, Ross and Carrie!, the show where we don’t just report on fringe science, spirituality, and claims of the paranormal, but take part ourselves. Follow us as we join religions, undergo alternative treatments, seek out the paranormal, and always find the humor in life’s biggest mysteries. We show up – so you don’t have to. Every week we share a new investigation, interview, or update.   I will link up my most loved episode and that is when they join the Raelian movement it comes in two parts, below is a bit of information of who and what the Raliens are:   1973: A racecar driver and amateur singer hikes to a mountaintop in France, is visited by a scientist from another planet, and told the secret history of the human race. 1975: He meets Yahweh, Jesus, Buddha and Muhammad on a space ship, takes on the name "Rael" and his religion grows to thousands of sexually free followers. 2012: Ross and Carrie don all white clothes, hum vowels for 45 minutes, and officially become Raelians.   This link is to episode 1 so if you like it you can download part 2:     

Any info that I have copied is from the links above